Industrial Management

Industrial Management

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Business Adminstration: Industrial Management 


Manufacturing facilities across the east Tennessee area provide vital products and thousands of jobs, making these facilities an important part of our local and national economies.

In collaboration with DENSO Manufacturing in Athens, Tennessee, the industrial management emphasis prepares students to hold management-level positions in the manufacturing industry.

In addition to the business administration core requirements, the emphasis in industrial management provides students with additional knowledge in areas such as logistics, supply chain management and international management.

The industrial management emphasis was developed as a result of a need identified by DENSO Manufacturing, a large local manufacturer. The degree provides training and preparation for manufacturing careers.

Degrees within the Goodfriend School of Business, including the industrial management emphasis, provide numerous opportunities to connect with seasoned business professionals, both faculty members and business partners who take a direct interest in the development of our students.

Industrial management students have the opportunity to develop other business skills by combining their specific management education with other emphases such as human resource management or accounting, or even adding a minor in entrepreneurship.

The MBA 4+1 is an early MBA admissions program. Qualifying seniors can enroll in MBA courses while completing their undergraduate degree. MBA courses can count toward full-time status and scholarship eligibility.


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Project Management

A study of the theories and concepts related to the process of transforming inputs (material, time, resources) into outputs (goods, services, information). Special emphasis is placed on key topics in the areas of (1) operations strategy, (2) process and service design, (3) process improvement, (4) quality management and statistical quality control, (5) forecasting, (6) waiting line management, (7) yield management, (8) project management, and (9) lean management.

Staffing Organizations

A study of the principles, practices and issues related to the acquisition and flow of talent in and through organizations. The concepts of workforce planning, internal and external recruitment techniques, measurements of staffing models, and retention of employees will be examined.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Focuses on components of the supply chain and decision making needs within the channel and their influence on the logistic management process. Emphasis is on developing a logistics strategy.