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Occupational Therapy Faculty & Staff

Tennessee Wesleyan’s OT program cultivates a diverse and dynamic intellectual community and is led by educators who are committed to helping you achieve your academic and career goals.

Get to know Tennessee Wesleyan’s occupational therapy faculty and staff:

Program Director

Dr. Robert J. Mullaney (Curriculum Vitae)
Dr. Mullaney is an occupational therapist with more than 17 years of experience ranging from practice in clinical and non-clinical settings to private practice to higher education teaching and management. He has a passion for teaching students who desire to become occupational therapists and will help people recover from limited functionality. Dr. Mullaney has led departments of faculty and been a part of teams that created new OT programs extending the reach of occupational therapy education and practitioners. He has taught students in Florida, California, Kentucky, Tennessee and in a Study Abroad format in Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Mullaney has a son, Bobby, a beautiful wife, Nicole, and loves to lead a busy and productive life traveling the world, exercising, teaching, taking on new life experiences and challenges and taking care of his 7 dogs, 8 chickens, 2 rabbits and bearded dragon.

Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

Mrs. Linda Preston (Curriculum Vitae)
Mrs. Preston is an occupational therapist who has 34 years of clinical practice experience. She has been a clinical instructor for more than 100 fieldwork students from associate’s level to doctoral level. Preston is interested in teaching her future students clinically-relevant occupational therapy skills to help them provide excellent care for their future clients. She loves what she does, and perceives health care as a mission. Preston has been called a walking library of knowledge regarding two subjects: hand therapy and stroke rehabilitation.
Preston is married to husband, Mark, who is also an occupational therapist. They have two grown children and two dogs.

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Aaron VanLandingham