Fine Arts

Fine Arts

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You have a passion for the arts; music, theatre, art.

Now you want to turn that passion into a well-rounded degree.


Program Description

The fine arts program at TWU provides understanding, appreciation, and practical opportunities so that the fine arts are placed correctly in the development of our students.

Students working toward a bachelor’s in fine arts choose a primary and secondary course of study between three options: music, theatre, and visual art.


Visual Art
The visual art program provides students the opportunity to create art in a hands-on learning environment, offering classes in drawing, printmaking, painting and more.


The TWU theatre program focuses on preparing students for careers in theatre or for continued study at the graduate level. Courses including acting, directing, playwriting and design allow students to develop their artistic skills and grow as performers, while courses such as theatre history, dramatic literature, and theory help students better understand the theoretical and technical side of theatre.


The music program includes voice or keyboard instruments and combining studies with music theory and music history to shape their understanding of music and theory.


Career Opportunities


Theatre director



Art educator

Art entrepreneur

Graphic designer


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A beginning drawing class open to students at all levels. Students will learn the basic techniques of drawing using a variety of dry media. Emphasis will be on developing creativity and individual styles. Students will be responsible for providing their own materials for out of class assignments.


Students will explore various “low-tech” methods of creating three-dimensional art including technique, form, and content in successful sculpture, both traditional and contemporary.

Script Analysis

This class discusses the fundamentals of reading a script for practical purposes...that is, to act in them, design them, and direct them. The course will introduce methods for analyzing how a script works in order to best determine what a script means, or can mean, to an audience. Students will come to understand the script as a blueprint for a finished product (production), and not as a finished product in itself (literature).