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Business Administration: Finance 

Using your business knowledge to analyze, invest, insure, and more.


If that’s your goal, a degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance is the start. Students looking for a career in banking, investing, real estate and more are trained by experienced faculty through the finance emphasis at Tennessee Wesleyan.


Housed in the Goodfriend School of the Business, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance provides exposure to broad areas in finance, focusing on skills needed to work in industries such as banking, insurance, investments, real estate, and more.

Finance professionals are in high demand and needed at every organization. Students with a degree in finance can be seen in careers like:
•Research Analysis
•Financial Auditor
•Investment Broker
•Insurance Agent
•Real Estate Agent

Degrees within the Goodfriend School of Business, including the finance emphasis, provide numerous opportunities to connect with seasoned business professionals, faculty members, and business partners who take a direct interest in the development of our students.

Hands-on experiences include the Game Forum, Bulldog Investment Club, tour of the New York Stock Exchange, and more.

The Bulldog Investment Club (BIC) is a student-led research and investment club.  Investments recommended by the students use real money donated by alumni that have an interest in educating students about investing.  The BIC is open to all students regardless of class year or major.  The fund currently manages around $100,000.

The MBA 4+1 is an early MBA admissions program. Qualifying seniors can enroll in MBA courses while completing their undergraduate degree. MBA courses can count toward full-time status and scholarship eligibility.


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Financial Investments

This course provides a basic overview of key investment concepts and the investment environment. The course will acquaint students with the fundamental principles of investing in the securities market, various investment conceptual tools and managing an investment portfolio. A special emphasis will be placed on investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities.

Principles of Real Estate

This course is designed to provide a basic overview of the use and sale of real estate Major topics include: appraisals, title and property insurance, real estate contracts, duties of sales agents and brokers, financing, investing, and government involvement in the real estate sector. A special emphasis will be given to Tennessee laws, licensing, and procedures.

International Trade and Finance

A study of international trade theory and policy, with emphasis on trade barriers and international economic integration, plus a study of international financial economics, with emphasis on exchange rate determination and international macroeconomic policies.