Engineering Science

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You want to build the machines of tomorrow, or design and develop the next smart device.

Maybe you want to build roads, find alternative power sources, or dabble in robotics. An engineering degree from Tennessee Wesleyan will help you get there.


Program Description

Engineering Science is a dual-degree program, as students begin with two years of general education, math and science foundation at TWU, followed by two years at one of our partner institutions, Tennessee Tech or University of Tennessee (2+2*). Upon completion, students are awarded their engineering degree from both TWU and the partner institution, with their TWU degree including a minor in Mathematics.


The program allows for students to receive the best of both worlds, the personal care of the TWU faculty and staff, combined with a degree from one of two prestigious engineering programs.


*2+2 is dependent on students entering TWU ready for Calculus I. If student requires math prerequisites, the program is 3+2.



After completing your first two years at Tennessee Wesleyan, complete your engineering degree via one of our partner institutions. Their engineering options are listed below:


Application Requirements

To be eligible for this program, you must have completed courses covering topics in exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. We also recommend incoming students have at least a 25 on the math section of the ACT to ensure they are fully prepared for the rigorous course load.