Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Business Administration: Digital Marketing

You are creative. You enjoy being behind the scenes creating compelling content that stands out in a digital world.


If you would enjoy being on the creative side of business, an emphasis in digital marketing is the perfect fit for you.


Created as a collaboration between the Goodfriend School of Business and the Communication Studies Program, the Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Digital Marketing blends courses in marketing theory and communications to enable students to develop a skill set in content creation for the evolving digital marketplace.

Digital marketing is used by every industry and companies are constantly searching for employees well versed in the digital marketplace. 
•Digital Marketing Manager
•Web Design Specialist
•Social Media Manager
•Web Analytics Specialist
•Freelance Content Creator

Degrees within the Goodfriend School of Business, including the digital marketing emphasis, provide numerous opportunities to connect with seasoned business professionals, faculty members, and business partners who take a direct interest in the development of our students.

Students in the digital marketing emphasis will benefit by making  connections with faculty and guest lecturers in the Goodfriend School of Business and Communication Studies Program. Business students are fully prepared for the MBA program at TWU, which offers a concentration in Marketing. 

The MBA 4+1 is an early MBA admissions program. Qualifying seniors can enroll in MBA courses while completing their undergraduate degree. MBA courses can count toward full-time status and scholarship eligibility.


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Web Analytics

This course connects students to web analytics strategy, platforms, and tactics to develop business intelligence for growth objectives. This course will extend beyond the basic principles of the marketing mix to discuss website optimization, define key metrics used in digital analytics, explores various tools and software used to track analytics, such as Google Analytics. 

Social Media and Communication

An examination of social media, both in personal and professional use. Topics will include social media history and evolution, theoretical framework, critical reflection of personal use, and specific uses in the business and communication environments.

Web Content Design

Web Content Design will introduce students to the concepts of web design and web content. The course will explore as basic HTML coding as well and basic web-design concepts, including layout, navigation, graphics, and color scheme through practical application through Wordpress and other web-access platforms for training.