Communication Studies

Communication Studies

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You do it every day, all day: Communicating.

Whether face-to-face, to classes or teams, through digital tools, social media, and more, you understand the impact of effective communication on relationships and culture. 


So whether you want to help businesses or individuals better communicate, or learn the tools and skills to produce content in the digital age, a communication studies degree from Tennessee Wesleyan will help get you there.


Program Description

The communication studies major provides the foundation for effective communication needed in any field or profession, as well as specific training and instruction through concentrations in media production, journalism, public relations, and communication studies.


A communication studies degree from TWU will provide the understanding of the theories important in communication, as well as the practical skills to prepare you to communicate for years to come.


Career Opportunities

Digital media production, multimedia journalism, social media management, organizational public relations, and the list goes on. Every organization needs effective communicators who understand the constantly evolving tools of the digital age, the knowledge and tools you will receive as a communication studies major.


Not just theory, practice

Hands-on experience in a variety of communication environments is a vital part of learning how to communicate in today’s climate. The program includes internship opportunities, study abroad trips to media hubs like New York City, as well as creation of web platforms and video production. 


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Introduction to Digital Media

A survey of the history and theories of journalism and contemporary journalistic practices. Students will learn about the function, applications and operations of print, electronic and online news media. The emergence of “New Media” and its impact upon the field will also be explored.

Multimedia Journalism

This course emphasizes the political, social, and economic aspects of writing and multi-media journalistic reporting at the local, national and international levels. It stresses techniques of the reporting of complex events written in language that can be understood by the average news consumer. Topics also address issues of writing and story-telling techniques that reflect the changing nature of “new media” in the digital age.

Understanding Film

This course surveys film as a societal force as well as an artistic medium. Studies will focus on the importance of film historically, as well fime technology, genre, style, narrative, aesthetics and ideology. Emphasis is also placed upon films that have impacted the culture and notable filmmakers.