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The end of one chapter…

By Holly Vetter For my last blog here at Tennessee Wesleyan, I thought it was only fitting to write about graduation. It’s your senior year. You’ve turned in the last assignment, have taken the last test, and have walked out of the classroom for the last time of your undergraduate career. It’s a very bittersweet … Continue reading "The end of one chapter…"

Prep like a pro for test day

By Amber Lingerfelt All students know the struggle of studying.  I have observed (and been) some of the following types of studiers: The Crammer, The “What test?” Thinker, The Organizer, and The Over-Achiever Who Actually Aces Every Test We all have different approaches to studying.  Ultimately, you have to find what works for you!  I’d … Continue reading "Prep like a pro for test day"

Be involved on campus!

By Amber Lingerfelt Four years. Four years is the average amount of time that a student will spend obtaining a degree in college. I would argue that these four years are some of the most transformative and beneficial for development of the individual. From 0-4 years of age, you learn to walk, talk, and laugh. … Continue reading "Be involved on campus!"