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Koltin Thompson

During my time at TWC, I found so much encouragement from the faculty. From taking as many of Dr. Elizabeth Ruleman’s classes as possible, to spending hours in Dr. Shaun Morgan’s office discussion graduate school, to exploring the origins of the English langue with Dr. Schiavoni, I found that the professors here are not only at the top of their games, but they are all–at the core of their being–the sort of professor that I long to be. Because of this, I knew that seeking publication and pursuing graduate degrees was a necessity. Through their guidance, endless encouragement, and daily inspiration (and some fantastic letters of recommendation!), I got accepted to the University of Memphis, where I am pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing.

Two of my poems recently appeared The Reactangle, Sigma Tau Delta’s annual literary journal, and I owe that success largely to the exceptional faculty here at TWC. Without their love, support, and constructive criticism, I doubt my word would be even a fraction of what it is today. I would also like to thank the Durham Fourth Floor Couch, which provided a place to eat, to nap, to write, to read, and to people-watch. We’ve had a good run, Couchy; we’ve had a good run.