General Management

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Management opportunities. Lots of people want them...

But how many of those are well trained and equipped to lead and manage well?


Program Description

The general management concentration of business administration through the Goodfriend School of Business prepares students for diverse and innovative managerial and professional positions in the global marketplace.


Studying management provides students with the knowledge and skills to evaluate general management functions, apply management systems and processes, and synthesize the management quality and performance control.


Career Opportunities

There are numerous career opportunities with a degree in management, across the business landscape. Administrative service management, hotel manager, insurance agent/broker, real east manager, small business owner, personnel recruiter, just to name a few.


Connection Opportunities

Degrees within the Goodfriend School of Business, including the management concentration, provide numerous opportunities to connect with seasoned business professionals, both faculty members and business partners who take a direct interest in the development of our students.


Students also have the opportunity to develop other business skills through minors in Business or Entrepreneurship, as well as a pre-MBA minor, preparing students to get the Master’s in Business Administration.


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Project Management

A study of the theories and concepts related to the process of transforming inputs (material, time, resources) into outputs (goods, services, information). Special emphasis is placed on key topics in the areas of (1) operations strategy, (2) process and service design, (3) process improvement, (4) quality management and statistical quality control, (5) forecasting, (6) waiting line management, (7) yield management, (8) project management, and (9) lean management.

Concepts of Organizational Behavior

An examination of theory and research dealing with the behaviors of people in organizations. Topics covered include organizational culture, the socialization process, theories of motivation, communication, group dynamics, leadership, stress, personal power and politics.


This course involves the many facets of planning, establishing, and operating a business. Creating and understanding a business plan is part of this course.